Lepu Medical

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Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing the high-tech medical devices and equipment. Today, Lepu Medical has grown into a global leading group company in the fields of cardiovascular interventions, structural heart diseases, cardiac rhythm management, anesthesia and critical care, in vitro diagnostics and general surgery with products include coronary stents, dilatation balloon catheters, interventional accessories, occlusion devices, mechanical heart valves, electrophysiology catheters, pacemakers, in vitro diagnostic equipment and biomarkers, DSA systems and surgical staplers.

About Carewell

Shenzhen Carewell Electronics Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of Lepu Medical, is a pioneer to apply artificial intelligence technology to ECG auto-diagnosis. Carewell is dedicated to produce innovative AI medical devices with superior quality. Carewell's products are distributed to hospitals, clinics, health centers and medical research institutions in more than 100 countries.

Forever Innovation Forever Care!

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